Ways To Make Friends On Holidays

One of the best bits about travelling is the friends you make. Chatting over cocktails or bonding at the beach won’t just offer some life-long memories, but some good friends too – and you’ll also have the perfect place to stay for future getaways.

We thought we’d give you a helping hand on how to make friends on holiday:

Be positive

People will be much friendlier in return if you're giving off good vibes. It's also well known that a positive outlook can help to improve your mood, meaning you'll be sure to have an awesome holiday.

Happy people have more fun! Yay!

Hang out in the hotel bar
Taking time out in your hotel/resort bar or communal areas will bring you into contact with lots of people. Take a book and relax, you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to strike up conversations with others who are looking for company.

Before you know it you’ll be hosting your own ‘Happy Hour’ clubs.

Book a cruise
Holidaying on a cruise ship offers perfect opportunities to make pals. You’ll bump into the same people every day and the ship’s entertainment is organised to create a true community feeling.

Just don’t get too competitive about who’s secured a seat at the Captain’s Table.

Jump off the sun lounger and get active
Be brave and do something new and exciting. Scuba diving or a snorkelling trip, paragliding or even a cookery class – you’ll be learning with other people and you’ll pick up a new skill.

Even better you’ll be able to have a good laugh about how you all looked in those wetsuits over a drink in the bar later with your new mates. Perfect day, indeed.

Start a book club
Whether you’re camping for a few weeks or at an all-inclusive resort, there’s nothing more annoying than powering through your reading list way too early. Pop up a poster on the communal noticeboards and kick-start a reading club with other like-minded bookworms.

Book excursions
Wine-tasting, walking tours, archaeology trips – what’s not to like? Book several excursions and you’ll be spending your days with like-minded people and you’ll all have plenty to talk about afterwards. Hopefully over a few bottles of wine bought from that wine-tasting trip.

Go solo and double your fun
Choosing a specially-tailored holiday is one of the best ways to combine fun with friendship. Approaching strangers can be terrifying if you’re shy, but on a tour you’re guaranteed great times, memories and, who knows, you may be booking a holiday next year with the new friend you bonded with this year.

Learn the language
Brush up (even just on a basic level) on your foreign language skills and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the locals and may even develop a few meaningful friendships – at the very least, you'll have fun trying.

The most important part of making new friends is to be confident. It's much harder to meet new people on holiday if you're keeping to your comfort zone.

Relish doing new things and find the excitement in learning about other people. As the saying goes, do something now that your future self with thank you for.


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