CashPassports For Every Traveller.

Spending money on holiday can be quite a complex process, well not the spending of course, that bit is easy. But knowing what rate to use, converting it back to Aussie dollars and carrying cash around can be the hard part.

You will have seen that pretty much everyone, from agents to banks and even the good old Post Office now offer these cards as safer and easier alternatives. One way to think of them is as a modern version of the old travellers cheques. If you are too young to remember them (ahem) you used to have to buy these pieces of paper from a bank, which were used as currency at hotels etc, but you couldn’t use them to get your soy mid strength café latte but had to go to a foreign bank and cash them in and still carry all the cash around with you afterwards. 

But wait!! Now these cards enable you to buy foreign currency at a set rate before going overseas. You then have your prepaid MasterCard which you can use as you would any card to buy your souvenirs or withdraw cash at ATMs while you are overseas. The only difference is that your limit is set by you and is not a credit card with high interest and exchange rates. They are accepted at millions of locations!

If you should run into strife, lose your card or it gets stolen by some light fingered pickpocket, they can replace it quickly or provide you with emergency cash.
In the likely event you don't spend it all (wait what??) and you are not planning on using the balance anywhere else, you can request a refund. But is it valid for up to 5 years, so you have plenty of time to spend your leftover cash. 

At Bucket List Buddy, we now have stocks of these little gems of spending ability and can happily help you start your spending journey. We just wish we could be sipping that café latte with you!

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