Looking For An Off-The-Beaten-Path Bucket List Trip?

This ‘Cordon Bleu’ Travel Team Might Have Your Ticket?
What do you do once you’ve ticked the most important boxes on your bucket list?
Where do you go?
What’s left after champagne atop the Eiffel Tower, seeing the big 5 on safari in South Africa and swimming with stingrays in crystal blue waters?

If you’ve ever had that moment trawling Google for an exciting new destination or hopping from list to list on every travel blog out there for a fresh idea, it’s time to rethink the question.


Perhaps it’s not “Where should I go?” but “Who can craft and deliver a truly unique bucket list trip?”
That’s why the people behind your trip matter; the little black book they’ve spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to painstakingly compile, becomes your best friend. And even your backstage pass to the best parts of your destination.

Before I introduce you to some of those people, let’s first look at what makes a truly ‘off the beaten path’ trip… one that any traveller, no matter how thorough, would have a tough time putting together themselves.

What Makes “The Cut”?

  1. Insider access - on any trip of a lifetime, you deserve the extra mile. Making friends on the other side of the world and seeing places you normally wouldn’t even know existed adds a generous ‘wow’ to your trip. Whether it be a kitchen tour with the head chef in a Michelin Star restaurant or a personal invitation to Sunday dinner with locals. Rather than asking around when you land (or ending up on a crowded bus tour), leverage connections you can rely on before you take off.

A coherent theme - it’s a subtle distinction but you want to make sure your bucket list trip isn’t  just a bunch of unrelated experiences hooked together. Give your trip a purpose, a meaning or a theme and you’ll notice your trip suddenly comes alive. You’ll feel the excitement even before you leave your living room.


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