Some people will go anywhere for a decent meal!

Some people will do anything for a nice meal!


OK so we know that we have to eat to live, so you may as well enjoy it right?


According to an article in USA Today, there are some that take that to the next level, even planning an entire itinerary around visits to particular restaurants, according to Kayak and Open Table sometimes even before booking flights and hotels!


With the explosion of interest in cooking shows across the world, it is no wonder people have more discerning tastes than ever before. We would all love to turn our daily dinners in to reality TV standard dining experiences. There are some emerging places now which are lifting the game somewhat, making their restaurant worth flying for.


Of course, there are always the famed ones, such as Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck in Berkshire in the UK. A self proclaimed renowned temple to innovative Modern British cuisine, with a fixed-price menu. And a very long waiting list. Closer to home, there are stars such as Chef Lance Seeto, an Aussie chef specializing in regional Fijian cuisine, moving resorts away from the standard fare, sparking a culinary renaissance across the Fiji islands and winning awards for Best Fine Dining Restaurant for his ground-breaking Fijian-Chinese fusion restaurant “1808” on Castaway Island.


Back to the lists curated by Kayak and Open Table, this revealed some surprising entries in their list of 25 restaurants are worth travelling for. Predictably Europe featured heavily, as did the USA (not surprisingly given the location of the article writers), but also Mexico (not just an overpriced piece of flat bread and filling!, but Dubai and also Canada.


Canada is coming up the list fast of places to visit for Australians. Incredible scenery combined with what is generally recognised as the nicest, politest people on earth, it has to be worth a visit. From the famed and amazing mountains and glaciers, stunning lakes to clean, safe, friendly multicultural cosmopolitan cities.


Whether you are there for the outdoor activities, which is what may appeal to start with, or to enjoy the cities culture and night life, the Calgary Stampede, the Northern Lights, Banff and Lake Louise or a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer, you won’t be disappointed.


Oh and the food? Osteria Savio Volpe in Vancouver, and Terroni-Queen in Toronto made the list!


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