Unlike any other World Cruise ever conceived, Legends of Cruising takes you on a journey that lets you set foot on all 7 continents. It gives you the opportunity to swim in every ocean, learn of countless cultures and see innumerable natural wonders. 

We want you to be one of the select few who are able to say yes they have seen the unspoilt, snowy plains of Antarctica and bathed in the vibrant rhythm of South America. Yes — they have felt the heat of Africa, drank from the melting pot of Australia, found peace in Asia and imbibe in the captivating history of Europe.

Luxury Cruise
140 Days/139 Nights

Uncover the world’s best-guarded secrets through an exclusive series of immersive and insightful events while making cruising history. Below is a taste of things to come.

26 January – Buenos Aires
Time Travel and Tango

Travel by vintage car as we take you back to the thirties for an evening of fine Argentine culture in one of the city’s oldest architectural gems, El Zanjo. Walk through the century-old brick tunnels that once provided the base for the city’s old settlements and enjoy a unique tango experience that features flamboyant movements, as exquisite local cuisine and wine are served throughout the evening.

14 and 15 March – Champagne Beach & Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
Immersion in the Pacific’s mysterious cultures

Complimentary events in the Pacific Ocean let you immerse in the diverse traditions of Vanuatu’s secluded islands as back-to-back experiences in Champagne Beach and Pentecost Island take you through a series of adrenaline-packed moments. Sample the culture of Melanesia on Champagne Beach, witnessing the mystical rituals and traditional dances. On Pentecost Island, partake in the festivities of the death defying land divers and witness the young males perform a celebratory jump from 70ft high wooden tower with nothing but tree vines as wrapped around their ankles.

28 March – Fremantle (Perth), Australia
Symphonies and Champagne at the Quarry Rocks

Nestled in the stunning setting at Bold Park reserve with the city’s skyline in view and a champagne picnic basket to hand, treat your sense to a remarkable evening of sound and colour as Perth’s Symphony Orchestra performs exclusively for our Legends in the outdoors of Quarry Rocks’ Amphitheatre. The entire concert consists of an engaging contrast of genres and melodies.

22 May – Leith (Edinburgh), UK
Farewell dinner in Edinburgh’s majestic Mansfield Traquair

Built on the eastern skirts of Edinburgh’s new town, the awe-inspiring Mansfield Traquair and its remarkable murals make it a natural choice for a farewell dinner and fabulous fare. At the heart of Neo-Romanesque inspiration, browse through the works of Phoebe Anna Traquair and enjoy a last supper on shore with friends and family in Edinburgh’s most exclusive venue, also known as the ‘Sistine Chapel of Edingburgh’.

• Roundtrip Business Class Air^
• Private transfers
• Bon Voyage dinner & overnight hotel stay prior to departure
• Silver shore baggage valet between home and ship in Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam
• Exclusive World Cruise events
• Bespoke Silversea experiences
• $4,000 onboard spending credit per suite
• Unlimited wifi
• Expedition parka
• Laundry service
• Medical services
• Visa package~

• Butler service
• Complimentary WIFI
• Refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
• Bvlgari bath amenities, plus a choice of other European brands
• Walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
• Premium mattresses and fine bed linens
• A choice of pillows
• Plus bathrobes and slippers
• Personalised stationary
• Umbrella and hair dryer
• Direct-dial telephone(s)
• Interactive media library


Your epic journey begins as Amerigo Vespucci would have wanted it – with a maritime discovery of the east coast of South America. With the shimmering waters of the Caribbean in your wake, head toward the extraordinary range of the equatorial tropics to samba the night away in Rio. Continue along fair winds as they take farther and further south to a night of golden-age glamour in beautiful Buenos Aires. 

19 January – Salvador de Bahia

Once a Portuguese capital, Salvador de Bahia is today a convergence of Latin heritage and Afro-Brazilian culture. Baroque architecture, Capoeira and wooden sculptures fill the city’s historical centre, also known as Pelourinho, that sits at the top of the city and can be reached by emblematic Elevator Lacerda

21-22 January – Rio de Janeiro
Whether the infinite white-sanded beaches, samba and bossa nova music or the delicious carioca breakfasts, there are a thousand and one reasons to look forward to overnighting in the gorgeous Rio de Janeiro as you cross off the major capital.

26- 27 January – Buenos Aires
Spanish and Italian blend in Buenos Aires. As you overnight in one of the world’s most Latin cities, celebrate with a tango evening   and dinner at El Zanjon exclusively for our Legends. Travel in the fleet of vintage cars hired specifically for the evening and the throwback to the thirties feel is complete!


The frozen continent at the end of the earth is well worth the wait. The coldest, highest and driest of all seven continents, Antarctica begs discovery. Be humbled by the solitude and emptiness, as pods of seals lazily bask on floes, waddles of penguins dive (and thrive) in the icy waters and humpbacks – the most magnificent of all maritime beasts; breach gracefully before your very eyes.

2 February – Stanley, Falkland islands

One of the smallest capital in the world, Stanley is home to war memorials, a red phone box and a plethora of endemic wildlife. Biologists, birders and historians will revel in the Falkland Islands’ only town, which seems in many ways a British village fallen out of the sky.

5-6-7 February – Antarctica Experience
For the first time ever during a World Cruise, enjoy an expertly led, 3-day programme of exploring in Antarctica with our Expedition Team. Hand in hand with our team, set foot on the last continent and wander through its vast white horizons, with a unique choice of excursions and workshops organised by our acclaimed Experts.

10-11 February – Chilean Fjords
With pristine waters, verdant mountains and white, icy peaks along the way, two full days cruising through the Chilean fjords grant sufficient time to take in one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and secure the perfect snap.


As you move west across the South Pacific, enjoy this unique opportunity to explore three of the world’s most captivating islands. Just tiny dots in the vast blue mass, Robinson Crusoe Island, Easter Island and Pitcairn Island are the stuff of many childhood dreams. The fairy-tale completes itself with the school of kaleidoscopic fish that swim in crystalline waters around your feet. Paradise found.

17 February – Robinson Crusoe Island

At 420 miles off the coast of Chile with nothing but a royal blue horizon at sights, it is no surprise that Robinson Crusoe island is said to have inspired Daniel Defoe in the creation of his eponymic hero. Today however, this volcanic island is a renowned destination for trekking and sightseeing, as it holds an incredible variety of fauna and flora.

22-23 February – Easter Island
Sailing towards the heart of the Pacific, learn the legend of the mystical and mysterious Easter Island statues. Silver Whisper will stay her overnight, leaving ample time to wander through the famous Rapa Nui Park, in search of the enigmatic Moai statues.

26 February – Pitcairn Island
Situated halfway between Peru and New Zealand and with just 56 residents, it does not take long to walk around Pitcairn Island and learn about the famous Bounty Mutineers and their Tahitian companions. Through stops at the SDA Church and John Adam’s grave, wanderers will have a wide choice of routes and treks to choose from.


And on we go, the infinite expanse of sea punctuated by the coral gardens of islands, each more beautiful than the last. Here is home to a different kind of legend – the tales of the sea and land, passed down from generation to generation, this is where you will learn of the death-defying land divers, the infinite spirituality of the water dance and the communion of French Polynesia.

14 March – Champagne Beach

Ghoulish masks, shells, ornate headgear and other worldly body painting, step into the mysterious and slightly frightening cultures of some of the Pacific’s remotest cultures. Enjoy a unique performance of the water dance by the local ladies as we call at the beautiful, white-sanded Champagne Beach of Vanuatu.

15 March – Pentecost Island

With nothing but two vines strapped around their ankles, witness the Bwari Warriors of Pentecost Island plunge seemingly to their death by diving from 70ft high towers. Breathtaking and almost incredible, we are delighted to our Legends front-row action and total immersion in yet another mysterious and remote culture of the Pacific Ocean.

19-20 March – Sydney
Docking next to the world’s most famous Opera House, how will you decide to spend your time in Sydney? Shopping in the Rocks, art-hunting in Newton Street, braving a Harbour Bridge climb or simply watching the surf at Bondi beach, the possibilities are endless. And with an overnight schedule, there’s sufficient time tick quite a few boxes.


Untamed, unsurpassed, unforgiving and unforgettable, Australia is the land of plenty. Home to the world’s oldest living culture and boasting incredible natural diversity, this is a country that is more than a sum of its parts. Enjoy the big, bold, star-soaked skies that stretch forever as we navigate towards the aeonian melting-pot of everyone’s favourite continent – Asia.

24 March – Kangaroo Island
Australia’s third biggest island after Tasmania and Melville, Kangaroo Island boasts incredible wildlife and biodiversity. Look up for koala bears perched in trees and try to spot the enigmatic Tammar Wallabies, as kangaroos, pelicans and sea lions all try to attract your attention.

28-29 March – Fremantle, Perth
Aboriginal arts, city museums, and one of the world’s biggest inner-city parks Perth stands out as one of Australia’s very best cities. An evening of magic awaits as you overnight on site, with the Perth Symphony Orchestra performing exclusively for World Cruise guests at The Quarry Amphitheatre.

6-7 April Singapore
Cosmopolitan and sustainable, Singapore is deemed as one of the best places to live in the world. Skyscrapers, solar-powered forests, a fine choice of shopping, dining and cultural venues, Asia’s greenest city is yours for two days of exploration.


Amazing Asia. Astonishing Asia. Unbelievable Asia. The adjectives say it all. For there is where mankind truly began. It’s where the modern and ancient worlds vie for first place, where adventures begin and where spirituality is infused in everyday life. Back on unclaimed islands, get lost in the sublime landscape and shine in the jewel of India’s crown. A class apart, this is a continent that is superlative in every sense.

9-10 April Phuket

Walks on the white sand beaches may have been made for our Legends, but this Thai island offers so much more. After visiting nearby temples, why not make the most of your stay in town to visit the city’s night markets which offer street food, authentic souvenirs and local street performances?

13-14 April - Colombo
Temples of all shapes, colours and beliefs; churches, mosques and astonishing monuments, Colombo is at the crossroads of multiple cultures and religions and holds no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage sites within its walls.

17-18 April – Mumbai
Whether you want to stroll around the chaotic city and soak in the atmosphere, visit the Ghandi museum or sample a local curry, there is always something to discover or rediscover in former Bombay. With extra time around the city, why not begin to retrace 2000 years of history by admiring the iconic Gateway to India.


Legends begin with tales of exploration and grandeur. And so too shall yours continue – as you cross continents on your epic journey and sail to the cradle of modern civilisation. Bucket list experiences abound – the Luxor Pyramids, the lost city of Petra, the Suez Canal. And if your thirst is still unsatiated, Italy’s pretty shores spell out the perfection to come.

21 April – Muscat

Low-rise buildings surrounded by manicured palms, intricately designed domes set atop the minarets of the mosques, world-renowned opera performances, ancient forts and vast sandy deserts, Muscat and its surroundings are hidden gems of the world that will definitely appeal to the savvy traveller.

28 April – Petra
At just two hours’ drive from Aqaba, explore the ancient city of Petra in search of lost populations. Hellenistic, Egyptian, Roman and Syrian vestiges – to just name a few – make Petra one of UNESCO’S most cherished World Heritage sites and one of the world’s new seven wonders.

4 May - Taormina
Perched on the eastern side of Sicily, Taormina’s pastel buildings hold architectural wonders such as the Roman Theatre built over 2300 years ago, as well as the famous, Moorish Corvaia Palace. If it is the scenery you are after, the might Etna and beautiful Isola Bella in the distance are where you’ll find what you’re searching for.


They say the past is another country and never has this been truer than when talking about Europe. So much majesty, mystery and myth. Sophistication is palpable; the history well – legendary. Continue your ventures northwards with the sun warming your shoulders, the taste of sangria on your lips and the symphonic roar of the Celtic dragon beckoning.

8 May – Barcelona

From Gaudi’s Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia to the paved streets of the Gotico Quarter and shops on the prestigious Passeig de Gracia, spend a day in Barcelona crossing off the city’s landmarks, sampling local tapas and taking in the good vibe of the Catalan capital.

11-12 May – Lisbon & Porto
Sail up Portugal’s coast and call in at the country’s two major cities. Lisbon’s tramway will take you to the local pastry shops and animated squares of the city centre, while you must visit the medieval streets of the Ribeira neighbourhood (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site) in Porto.

14-15 May – Dublin
For the first time ever, Silversea’s World Cruise will call in Dublin and overnight on site, granting sufficient time to retrace the culture of the Irish capital. Enjoy visiting Trinity College University, the city’s whiskey distilleries and the breathtaking Moher Cliffs, before sampling a cool pint of Guinness in a Temple Bar.


Home to Vikings and giants, dazzling sunsets and rugged shores, the windswept moors of Northern Europe are a fertile fantasyland. And this is where the legend must become your own. Dot your I’s with the beautiful Isle of Orkney, cross your I’s with this stunning architecture of Norway. And take a farewell bow as the curtain falls in Amsterdam – a finale worthy of your legendary journey.

19-20 May – Norwegian Fjords

From one end of the world to the other, enjoy two full days of cruising through the beautiful Norwegian Fjords named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as “the world’s most iconic destination”. Your final Fjords crossing will end with a call in Bergen before you head to Edinburgh.

22 May – Edinburgh
After an extensive day in the streets of Scotland’s most lively city, enjoy an exclusive farewell dinner for our Legends in the stunning rooms of Mansfield Traquair – a former catholic church that is commonly known as ‘Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel’.

24-25 May – Amsterdam
Sloping canal-side houses, cutting edge design and of course, tulips in every shade of the rainbow, Amsterdam lives up to its reputation of the Grande Dame of Europe. Make the most of the Dutch capital, home of Van Gogh and other famous artists or secure of fast way back home with the city’s excellent flight connections.

06 January

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