So why do we travel?

Travel makes you happier and not just because you don’t have to go to work and you can have a Margarita for breakfast – it’s the anticipation! 

That feeling when you step off the plane, the suspense of adventures to be had, of great expectations, that palpable sense of life!
It’s awesome!
For some, it’s the adrenalin rush – scaling tall mountains and living to recount the tale. For others, it’s an escape from techno world – the opportunity to face time with nature. Some travel to lose themselves, others to find themselves. Some search for meaning, a fresh start, a sense of purpose and perspective.
Travelling definitely makes you a more interesting person. Starting a sentence with “when I was at Everest Base Camp” gives you instant cred and nostalgia and distance can create a spin that makes mundane things like getting your laundry done in Madagascar entertaining.
Whatever your motivation is, whether its voyeuristic intent, opportunity for insight, hindsight or perspective, to challenge, change or fuel the soul, for altruism, athleticism, aestheticism or to journey for travels sake, it’s an epidemic that you just want to catch!
So, how do you decide where to travel? You make a Bucket List of course!

The terminology “Bucket List” entered the vernacular in the wake of the 2007 movie of the same name – things one must do before the proverbial bucket is kicked!
Most of us have a list of things we want to do in our heads but don’t write them down, making them visual, giving them validity or act on them.

Fun Fact – Someone who knows stuff (psychologist Daniel Kahneman), has a theory called Peak-End which states that people judge an experience largely on how they feel at its peak and at its end, rather than based on the total sum or every moment of the experience, regardless of whether the experience is pleasant or not. By creating positive experiences and things that make us happy, such as those on our Bucket List, we are creating more peaks leading to more happy memories and a more fulfilled life. Bucket Lists, if accomplished, set memories in place that structure life as remembered.
So, the question remains.
How many buckets are overflowing because they aren’t being emptied regularly? Do you have a hole in your bucket and the ideas keep dripping out before coming to fruition?
Take a leap of faith and leverage the law of attraction. Create your Bucket List and share it and this will make it possible for others to assist you in achieving your travel dreams.
Be Bucket Living…………

OK, so you know you want to, but the next thing is how.